About Us


Who We Are

We are the best and in-demand marketplace for leather and fashion related products.
We are responsible for bringing your ideas and designs to life. We have now been working for a very long time serving our clients in every possible way and have a great set of satisfied customers. We are a team of expert strategists, ideators, designers and manufacturers who work to their full potential to bring you the best quality and unique designs you could possibly have. We are following the European standards for the manufacturing of our products and provide you with a great look and feel using the comfortable and premium material.


Beginning of the journey

After research and pre-planning for years, we officially stepped into the market in July, 2020. We started as a small startup having just a room for the production and were just able to manufacture 300 to 400 products in a month for 2 clients from USA and UK.

July, 2020

After Half An Year

Within a span of 6 months, we got a client who offered a collaboration with them where we were allowed to manufacture our own designed products. That was the turning point for us as we jumped from 400 manufactured products per month to 2000 products per month and from designing 15 articles to 80+ unique and stylish articles.

January, 2021

At The End Of 2021

By the end of 2021, our designed and manufactured products reached 4 different continents with a private label by the client with whom we collaborated priory.

December, 2015

Starting Of 2022

2022 has been a year of great expansions for us as we have grown our manufacturing unit which now has 60 machines delivering 6000 products per month and by the end of this financial year, we will easily be able to manufacture 10,000 products in just a month.



Our tech team has always been the Dark Horse for us. We believe that advanced tech is the only way to satisfy the customer in every possible way. From leather and other fabric’s extraction to deployment of the product, we have a very strong tech team to cater all the hurdles in between them. To reach the maximum audience, our tech team has worked really hard to provide a platform where we can entertain all sorts of queries and dealings without any hassle. We offer you secure transactions giving the least required information. Besides the online dealing platform, we also have an advanced set of machinery for the production of the products and also use advanced tools for the designing and deployment of the products.


If passion is the motivation of your business, then sky’s the limit.
Growing this company from nothing was the most stressful thing for us but behind this project, we had a great passion that had never let us down and now here we are with a lot of experience, a great number of satisfied and repetitive customers, and still hustling for the best in us. We are a team of believers, optimists, determined and diligent people, who have always kept their heads high to serve you people to the best of our capacities and are always willing to push them beyond.


From ideas to the final product, innovation is the only constant factor we have never left behind. The first and foremost innovation in our business is sustainable leather which is contributing to the ecosystem to a large extent and by 2023 we are going to be a 100% eco-friendly company. Crash testing has been introduced for the first time by us in the market and is our differentiator. We also offer you innovation in designs, in production techniques, and then growing your business.

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