Our Services

Leather Prototype Development

We bridge the barrier between the real product and the product in your mind, by developing a prototype of that desired product. Our team of adapted designers and manufacturers is always ready to serve you according to your needs. Customization in leather designs and their synthesis are our area of professional expertise.

Contract Cutting and Sewing

We are more than happy to work with your given designs or aiding in prototypes to be in the shape of a finalized product. We can work on any scale with any amount of products you desire. Adding to these solutions, we can also offer to work with your given material else the option of premium quality material from our side is always there.

Private Label Production

We also offer the service of Private Label Production in which we manufacture the products under your brand name. As a retailer, you have to specify everything, and we will manufacture under your brand name and fully customize according to your specifications.


Crash Testing

We have performed crash testing on all of our products to ensure safe design standards and to make sure that the products are crash-worthy and crash compatible even after destructive testing. The vehicle was smashed to the wall and the impact of this collision on our leather products was examined. The smashing of equipment may seem to be wasteful but the data received from these tests was of high value. The strength of stitching with high quality is questionable considering the kind of forces a person would experience in a motorcycle crash. But you do not need to worry as our material acts as an armor against any kind of accidents and offers you a safe bike ride.

Safety and Security Testing

All the products have undergone proper safety and security testing with which you can strengthen your confidence in the quality and protection of our products. So don’t give a second thought about the safety of our products as these testings provide the customers with extra security they need at the time of purchase. Also you can’t be a safe rider if you are uncomfortable, dehydrated and distracted by the discomfort of heat. But with our products you do not need to sacrifice comfort for safety as all these aspects have been taken care of by our experts who have designed and manufactured the products under their own supervision.