The backbone and the true Blagle’s success is dedicated to the qualified and experienced workforce putting efforts behind the scenes. We stand out in completing quality orders on time due to them. They are dedicated and determined to work their hearts out. We work together, strive together, win together and lose together.
As they have got their back through every thick and thin of ours, we try to do the same justice by taking care of their all quality aspects. We try to facilitate them by providing good salaries, bonuses, a top of line  private health insurance. We have created a friendly-environment at our workplace and we assure that our workforce has the sense of responsibility that their work is the only thing making us stand out against all the odds.


Make your earth green. We are an environment friendly company and heading more towards that with every passing day. Our main objective is not just to create products that are premium in their quality but besides all work is done in an environment friendly way too. 
The leather we consume is derived as a by-product from other industries in which the meat industry is having a great share. Our leather consumption is the substitute of all hazardous substances. All our partners and workplaces contribute to the Zero Discharge to Hazardous Chemicals(ZDHC) organization, eradicating harmful chemicals and implementing sustainable chemicals in the industry. 
Moreover, we are going to shift from artificial energy to 100% green energy by 2023 where we plan to install solar panels making the fuel consumptions zero and make an eco-friendly environment around us. Our packaging standards include GPR which is considered to be eco-friendly to a very good extent.


We work on the Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) model where we aim to give it back to the society. We are an audience requiring company so their opinions matter a lot. Human and labour rights organization have been closely watching this leather industry and its manufacturing over the past few years and have documented that the ways through which leather is Synthesized and characterized by hazardous working conditions and child labour but we, as a team, are not here just to make business but also wish to make this world a better and peaceful place to live in so we eradicated all these characteristics and we assure our company to be a secure place to work at and no child is included in our labours.

Commercial Leather

A by-product of meat and dairy products, leather, is very close to nature and biodegradable than any of the vinyls or synthetics. The fact that is to be known is that the leather industry saves over 73 million tonnes from global landfills through environment aware initiatives. Leather has been used for crafting the products for about 1000s of years and it now has a grown scope and demand in the market. The leather that we manufacture and use is of superior quality than the one used by the local vendors and the products that we design and create are an excellent example of great artistry.