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blagle manufacturers of leather apparels

Leather Apparel

We manufacture durable leather apparel including Jackets, Vests, Gloves and leather hats. We produce garment from ethically sourced leather as per International Quality Standards. Our leather is according to International REACH standards. Connect with us to get updated Catalog of Leather Apparel.

Performance Apparel

We manufacture technical performance apparel mainly Jackets and Pants for activities like Hiking, Camping, Skiing and Motorcycle riding. These garments consist specialized features such as water & wind proofing, protection and technical features (as per customers requirement). Connect with our research and development team to discuss your requirement / idea of performance apparel.

blagle manufacturers of performance apparel
outdoor men women apparels manufacturers

Outdoor Apparel

We manufacture outdoor apparel mainly Jackets, Pants, Hats and gloves for Outdoor activities in different weather conditions. These garments consist specialized features such as water proofing, wind resistance, and insulation to help protect against the elements and keep the wearer comfortable. Connect with us to get updated Catalog of Outdoor Apparel.

Fashion Apparel

Blagle, a fashion apparel manufacturer, combines innovation and craftsmanship to create premium clothing. Our meticulous manufacturing process ensures quality, offering a diverse range of styles, fabrics, and customizable options. From trendsetting designs to timeless classics, Blagle transforms concepts into fashion statements, embodying a commitment to excellence and style.

fashion men women apparels manufacturers

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